This mat based class starts with a gentle warm up before targeting the core and back muscles, improving your overall posture and stability.  My style of teaching is using Calisthenics and functional exercises by training the muscles to work the way they do in everyday tasks. The word Calisthenics comes from Greek, which means beauty and strength through the art of using one’s body weight to develop one’s physique.

You’ll use your own body weight for resistance, stretching, and balancing through a flow of movements. Sometimes we’ll add resistance bands and weights, further challenging the core muscles. The class will end with Yoga inspired stretches, helping you relax, improving your posture, and increasing flexibility.

Fusion Yoga is designed to improve your health and well-being and is perfect for those interested in improving their overall level of fitness. My combination of elements is a new and different approach to traditional yoga.

Balance, strength, flexibility and functional exercises help you de-stress, release endorphins in your body, and improve posture – making you feel more energised and sleep better too