I will undertake a personal assessment with you so we can tailor workout sessions that will target the areas that you have identified. I will help and support you to reach your goals to improve both your fitness levels, flexibility and muscle tone.

You will feel motivated throughout; it will be interesting, fun and different each time so you don’t plateau. I will  correct and assist you and make sure you are performing the exercises correctly.

The sessions can also include nutritional advice to encourage healthier eating habits which will improve your moods and energy.

If you do not want to train alone you can train with a friend or partner and share the cost of the PT session.

PT sessions can be held in the convenience of your own home and if the weather is good – in a local park or nearby open space.

Who might be interested in Personal Training?

•    People who want to start exercise, but feel uncomfortable in class environments.
•    Pre and post natal women.
•    People who suffer from chronic conditions who want to improve their general wellbeing.
•    People who have busy lives/work schedules and need flexible training programmes that fit around their needs.
•    Anyone who want to exercise, have fun and improve their health!

1-2-1  £45 per an hour


Traditional Thai Massage is an ancient healing system that helps relax the whole body and release tension on a deep level. The body is moved through a series of yoga like positions, enhancing flexibility and promoting a greater range of motion. This combines targeted acupressure and stimulation of the energy lines called Sen, as the body is moved through assisted yoga postures.

Thai massage is given lying on the floor. The receiver is fully clothed in something free fitting. Starting with the feet and working the Sen lines, palm and thumb pressure are used as well as gentle stretches moving up towards the head as the whole body is treated. The overall effect releases tight joints and lengthens muscles, leaving you with a sense of deep relaxation and well being.